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Selection of geometry for Smooting

    • Martin Štěpánek


      I'd like to smooth facetted geometry (the result of a topology optimization), but keep some surfaces without smoothing (following Fig. in orange).

      If I select one of the surfaces and use Inverse Selection it works.

      But if I select more than one and click Inverse selection, it selects the whole geometry.

      How can I unselect more surfaces for Smoothing or some other option?

      Thank you.



    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Martin,

      Inverse selection for multiple faces works for me. Can you try doing a box selection instead?


      Ashish Khemk

    • Martin Štěpánek

      Hi Ashish,

      I tried an inverse selection for multiple faces on solid geometry, and it works. However, it does not work for faceted geometry. The faceted geometry is a result of topology optimization.

      I tried the inverse selection for multiple faces on another PC with different faceted geometry, but it either does not work. I'm using ANSYS 2023 R1.

      I believe more people must have had this problem when validating the model after topology optimization. 


      Thank you.

      Martin Štěpánek

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