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Selection of line bodies

    • happykiran

      Hi team, i have modeled a wire frame Basket assembly in solid works.and same has to check for deflection in ansys. Help me out how can i export the CAD file to workbench as a beam element (i.e line bodies) and how to assign the cross section.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee


      You should be able to bring the line bodies model to Workbench via SpaceClaim from SolidWorks.

      While importing the model make sure the line bodies option is checked in the properties of the geometry cell as shown below:

      In SpaceClaim you can use predefined Profiles as shown below or create your own.

      After that, you should be able to assign the profile to line bodies from Create tool as shown below:

      For more help regarding options in the SpaceClaim, hover your mouse over tool till a popup opens as shown in image above and press F1 for more help.


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