Self Phase Modulation

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    • mehran


      It's been a while now that I am trying to use Lumerical to see SPM (self phase modulation). Can someone please guide me if they've ever used FDTD in Lumerical to see SPM? 

      I'm using a waveguide with Kerr nonlinearity to simulate. But no luck, any help with be highly appreciated. 

      I kept the waveguide length small (50 microns) and the value of instensity and chi3 are high so that I can get the desired nonlinear phase to see SPM. 


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Please make sure the Kerr model you used is correct, as Lumerical has different material models:

      You can estimate how long the waveguide should be in order to show such physics.  You can also extract some parameters and see if they change w/o the nonlinearity.

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