Separating Capacitances within Ansys Simulation

    • dptrosan

      Hey everyone, I am currently working with the electrostatic solver to find the capacitance of different geometries. I have two different dielectric materials between electrodes and was wondering if I could model them as two capacitors in series.

      For just a simple parallel plate capacitor with 2 different dielectrics between the electrodes, this is simple to calculate so that's what I am using to start so I can compare it to the ideal case.

      So from the simple case, it is clear that I can find each capacitance individually by replacing one of the materials with a conductor and then finding the total capacitance myself. Does this method extend to nonideal geometries or is there a method to calculate capacitances of different materials within a single simulation in Ansys?

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      I suggest to complete the normal calculation, and then measure voltage in the surface between two dielectric materials. In the 2nd model, we could use the measured voltage as the excitation on the surface, for Matrix calculation or individual capacitance. Please try this and see if it works. Thanks.
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