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Set Spaceclaim API version when running script

    • Walther


      I am trying to run a script from workbench that opens Spaceclaim and runs another script inside of Spaceclaim. Most of it works, however one of the parts of my script only works in the latest API version V19 beta, and my spaceclaim seems to open by default on API version V18. 

      Is there a way of change this or somehow set the API version from either of the scripts? I think I have to set the namespace or something like that but I have no idea how to do that from within a python script

    • Alberto Visentin

      Good morning Walther.

      I found your post yesterday, looking for a solution to the same exact problem. I'm indeed trying to run a mixed wizard application within Workbench | SpaceClaim | Mechanical using Ansys ACT. I wrote the XML and IronPython scripts allowing communication between the different environments and some specific scripts to automate operations within both SpaceClaim and Mechanical. I'm however stuck at the fact that some of my code blocks within SpaceClaim only work when SpaceClaim API Version is set to V18 or V19 Beta exclusively. My ACT extension stops therefore at those blocks returning an error.

      I made some tests and noticed the error is the same I get if I try to run those code blocks setting SpaceClaim API Version to V17. I'ma therefore assuming my ACT extension is running API V17 or lower when interfacing with SpaceClaim.

      Did you eventually find a solution or a workaround? Is there a way to set the API Interpreter to V18/19 (or to a specific API Version) using a python command from within Workbench or SpaceClaim?

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