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    • ohmmmm

      Hi if I would like to simulate electronic device by assuming that it is a cube which connected to a heat sink plate. Firstly, it used for a while and the temperature of the device increase to a certain temperature. If we know what is the power of that electronic device.

      Example. I turn on a laptop for 5 minutes with the power of 12W (just assume the value) then temperature increase then the laptop is turned off. I would like to see how much the heat dissipates by applying the heatsink plate at the back of the laptop and how much the temperature reduce. What I need to set up the condition in this case

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      you can do this in fluent. 

      there are different thermal boundary conditions in fluent. 

      please go through help document for details of each option. 

      moving this to fluid dynamics category. 




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    • ohmmmm

      Thank you

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