Setting of temperature field

    • bxddstl

      Professor, ,I am a novice. I have a qusetion .

       In a fluid coupling system, how to set a surface that it can be used as either inlet or outlet of the fluid ,inlet or outlet just depends on the motion state of the solid.

       In the solid-fluid coupling system, I want to set a temperature field so that the temperature of all objects in the temperature field depends on the altitude of the object. I set Thremal in the transient structure and use the formula T =300+ Y *2, but I want to set two formulas,not just one,formulas are :

        if y<0 ,t=300+y*2 ;If y >0, t= 350, how should I set these two formulas? I don't know the formula format, could you please help me?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      We can set temperatures in Fluent, either as boundary conditions or using FIX/source options in the cell zone. We then calculate what these do and (generally) take that data to Mechanical. Please go through the tutorials as these will answer most of the questions you've already asked, and no doubt many of the ones you've not yet asked.
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