Setting “Partial update” to “None” for calculating all design points at once

    • HugoB

      Hello everyone,

      First of all, I'm new on this forum so if my discussion is not in the right topic, just tell me where it's supposed to be posted and I will repost it there.

      I have a problem with calculating design points on my student version of ANSYS Workbench 2019 R3. When I'm defining multiple design points and changing the parameters for each one, I'm then updating all of them but I have a message telling me that the update is a "Partial update", which updates only geometry, and that I should set "Partial update" to "None" if I want Fluent to carry on the Configuration, Solution and Results calculations for each of my design points.

      The problem is that I couldn't find that option, even when looking on the Internet or in the ANSYS Fluent tutorial... Can somebody help me with that ?

      The only solution I found is to define one of my Design Point as the "current" one and then perform all the calculation, but if I have like 100 Design Points it will be very long to do it again each time...

      Tkank you in advance for your help, and pardon my bad english if I did some mistakes...

      Have a nice day !

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
    • HugoB

      Thank you very much, this is exactly the document I needed ! 

      Have a nice day

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