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Setting up Topology Optimization problem with displacement constraint cylindrical coordinate system

    • as880

      I'm reposting as it has been a few days and noone has been able to reach out in regards to my query.

      Hi guys so I want your advice upon setting up topology optimization.

      Problem: set up TO in such a way that the output connects body 1 and body 3. i.e body 2 is my design inclusion region and 1 & 3 are my exclusion region. circular holes are fixed pins that hold the structure in place that i have modelled as fixed supports. 100Nm torque is applied through the big hole in the middle. All 3 bodies have shared topology and are of the same material.

      Desired solution: the connecting structure of body 2 will deflect by around 5 deg (0.00307 rad)

      My thought process: I think that i can measure this deflection by setting up a new cylindrical coordinate system at the circumferential face of body 1 and the axis that goes around y axis lets say.

      I will then measure this deflection by the rule THETA = L / R where R is the radius of body 1 from the centre point. and L will be the output direction deformation along the cylindrical axis (y axis)

      This then means i should set up a minimize compliance objective and set up a displacement constraint to get my 0.00307 rad deflection ( displacement i need = 0.00307 * R)

    • Karthik R

      Please refrain from creating duplicate posts on the forum. I see that we have provided a response to this question here.
      I'm closing this post now.
      Thank you.
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