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Settings to get Sphere RCS simulation to converge?


    • jarv1379

      I'm trying to simulate the RCS of an aluminum sphere at 3 GHz using a region bounded by PML. Rather than converging, the RCS decreases with each solver iteration. By the 7th pass, it is 30 dBsm below the analytical values of the sphere RCS. I've tried all of the different setup settings that I could find, and I've tried using and not using a curvilnear mesh. I also tried changing the sphere size (radius ranging from a fraction of a wavelength to several wavelengths).

      Is HFSS just bad at simulating curved objects, or is there something else I should try to change?

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee
      nHave you tried assigning the sphere as an IE hybrid region? If not, please give it a try and compare the RCS value against the Analytical expression.
    • Ahmed Khidre Elsherbiny

      Indeed I have a similar problem.I tried monostatic sphere (raduis =100m) RCS simulation using SBR+ region with creeping wave checked and results are shown below. Theoritical RCS =-15dBsm. the simulation however shows RCS fluctuating vs angle. Peak RCs =-15.8dBsm which is close to theortical limit but i expect to see constant value not fluctuating.  

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