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Setup shut down while run calculation

    • imranalif

      Hi Everyone,

      I was running my calculation for 12 hours. Suddenly, the setup window closed.

      May I know what is the possible cause for this issue?

      I reopen the setup , however it doesn't say anything on the console.

      it halts again and showing this message

      Update 1

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Have a look in the Workbench folder to see if there's a .trn fluid in the /FLU folder. That may have something useful in it. 

    • imranalif

      Hi rwoolhou,

      Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything there. It seems it never compute from the start.

      Performance Timer for 0 iterations on 4 compute nodes
        Average wall-clock time per iteration:              0.000 sec
        Global reductions per iteration:                        0 ops
        Global reductions time per iteration:               0.000 sec (0.0%)
        Message count per iteration:                            0 messages
        Data transfer per iteration:                        0.000 MB
        LE solves per iteration:                                0 solves
        LE wall-clock time per iteration:                   0.000 sec (0.0%)
        LE global solves per iteration:                         0 solves
        LE global wall-clock time per iteration:            0.000 sec (0.0%)
        LE global matrix maximum size:                         0
        AMG cycles per iteration:                           0.000 cycles
        Relaxation sweeps per iteration:                        0 sweeps
        Relaxation exchanges per iteration:                     0 exchanges
        LE early protections (stall) per iteration:           0.000 times
        LE early protections (divergence) per iteration:      0.000 times

        Total wall-clock time:                              0.000 sec

      Does anyone knows how big the file per iteration? It took so much hard drive space.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you're saving data every iteration it'll write a case & data file each time: the size will depend on the cell count (mesh) and number of models active. 

    • imranalif

      Thank you very much rwoolhou,

      I will try method suggested in link below.

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