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Several problems were found when using the SIWAVE+circuit

    • wen bo

      Hello everyone, 
      I've been learning about SIWAVE and circuit recently. And I found three problems using Desktop Circuit and SIWAVE. I would be grateful if any experts had experienced similar problems and would be willing to help me.
      1. I imported a design with bond wires into SIWAVE. After modifying the layer stackup, the circuit element part and draw geometry part could not be used.

      2. I checked the connection of net A12 and there was no problem, but the following warning appeared when calculating SYZ parameters. This port uses the same reference as the other ports. What is the reason why these two ports were ignored?

      3. I imported the S-parameters obtained from SIWAVE into NDE for passivity check and found that there was no problem, but there was a warning when it was used in Circuit. What is the reason?

    • Mrinmoy Bharadwaj
      Ansys Employee

      Query1, Response: You must be in the "top-down" view for these options to be enabled. 

      Query 2, Response: The warning itself says the cause of it. Kindly check the pin groups. 

      Query 3, Response: Kindly turn on the "enforce passivity" option in your simulation.

    • Dan Dv
      Ansys Employee

      For item 3, the warning is that the state-space fit to the s-parameters is non-passive and not the s-parameters themselves. Yes, to address this I would recommend turning on Passivity Eforcement with the "IFPV" option if the model contains just signal nets. Or use "IFPVLF" if power/ground planes are also included. To get to this, right mouse click on NPort component in the Circuit schematic, select Edit model, and then click on the Options tab in that form. 

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