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SFGrad, how to invert the direction of the load

    • Alexandre Gomes


      Could someone help me invert the direction of the load while using SFgrad?

      I am trying to apply a triangular pressure on a surface (component called Nmon) but the applied load is in direction +Y, however i would like to invert the direction of the applied load to -Y. The load magnitude varies in the z direction.

      I am using the SFgrad command, as follows:

      SfGrad, Pres, 0, Z, 634, 1e4 !SfGrad, Lab=Pres, SlKCN=0, SlDir=Z, SlZer=ZAlb, Slope=1.e4 = 10 m/s^2 * 1000 kg/m3
      AllSel, All, All
      CmSel, S, NMon
      NSel, R, Loc, Z, 500, 634 ! NSel, Type=R, Item=Loc, Comp=Z, Vmin, Vmax, Vinc, kAbs
      Sf, All, Pres, 0. ! Sf, Nlist=All, Lab=Pres, Value=0., Value2, – , MeshFlag
    • Surya
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Alexandre,

      Can you please check this help documentation on the "SFCONTROL" command and see if it helps?



    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Alexandre 

      Have you tried simply changing the sign of the load and slope?  Mike

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