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Share punctual or edge named selection from ACP-Pre.

    • Nicolás Santana

      I am performing an optimization procedure to find the suitable position of a device located in a composite structure. This composite structure has been made up with ACP, and with solid elements.

      As the device is attached to the structure using “Geometry Selection” of a vertex, everytime the program needs to refresh during the parametrical analysis an error occurs, this happens because the “Geometry Selection” definition of the vertex vanishes and needs to be defined manually again.

      Shareing surface named selections from ACP-Pre to the linked analysis is straightforward, nevertheless, it is possible to share punctual or edge named selections? This would solve my doubt.
      Another solution would be fastening the “Geometry Selection” of the vertex between updates.

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nicolas,

      You should be able to create and import named selections of edges from ACP Pre system to the analysis system

      Or see if you can use worksheet named selections. In the worksheet you can specify a crietria and select elements or nodes. For example, you can find nodes at specified X, Y and Z coordinates 

      Check this help section: Understanding the Named Selections Worksheet (



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