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    • jchokan
      Hello, Previously when I had to perform structural analysis on a multi-body part in Discovery AIM, I would prepare the model in Spaceclaim, and used the "Group" option for the Share Topology feature so that the bodies would be grouped, but would not merge or share faces/edges with each other. I would then export the model into Discovery AIM to run the structural simulation. Now, I am using Discovery AIM 2020 R2 and not using spaceclaim at all, but preparing the model in AIM's embedded geometry modeler. I can not see an option to Group the share topology in this embedded modeler, all I see is the sharing tool, but I believe that this merges/shares faces and that I do not want. The mesh is failing whenever I use the share tool and that is the only difference between the old procedure and the new one. Is there a feature in AIM 2020's embedded geometry modeler to set the model's shared topology to "Group" like Spaceclaim had? Thanks
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jchokan

      Let me check with my team and get back to you on this.

      • rain

        Hello Subashni 

        I have the same question.

        Can I set shared topology in discovery 2021R1 ?


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