Shared edges missing when parametrizing a dimension in SpaceClaim

    • alejandra.ventura

      I'm working in a simple model where i want to modify the height of one component, i'm trying to parametrize that dimension in order to evaluate different design points. However, when running the DP different than the current one, when modifying the geometry, two edges that were previously shared, they lose the "shared status" and that's causing the solution to look completely different.

      Do you know how to keep the shared edges when modifying the length of the component?

      I'm attaching some screenshots for reference.

      Any help is much appreciated!

      IMAGE 1 - Both edges are marked as double (black lines)

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      It seems like you are using SpaceClaim for parametric updates. Which shared topology method are you using?
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    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee
      Are you using Pull/Move tool in Spaceclaim? You may split the edge so the shared segment will be different than the modified segment. This should not required to re-do Share topo everytime/
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