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Shell model unable to converge

    • dariomnava
      Hi all
      I am trying to solve a bridge crane. It consists of a lot of metal plates so I decided to solve it by shell elements, so I prepared my model in spaceclaim by using midsurfaces.
      However when I tried to solve it, it was unable, I have seen this interference as well in the mesh, and maybe it cannot converge because of that. The thing is if I use the interference tool in spaceclaim it says there are no interference there any way to check these interferences when it comes to shell modelling??

    • peteroznewman

      Turn off Show Thick Shells and Beams.  There is no interference, this is just a display to visually show the thickness.  The model does not converge for some other reason.

    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello dariomnava,

      For convergence, does it showing any errror during solve? Will you please share deatils of that. You can show us force convergence plot also to visualise how solve went.

      Error file is the one where you will have trace of error. Even solve.out file is also useful to see echo of solve. You can locate both files in solver directory. Right click on solution>>>Open solver files directory to locate thse files.


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