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    • Hakim.Naceur

      Dear all,

      I have developed a 4-node Shell User Element in Ls-Dyna smp d R13.1 win 64, in its two versions: an integrated shell ushl_b105 and a resultant shell ushl_e105.

      Compilation and execution went OK, I could obtain good displacement results using the integrated shell, however when using the  resultant shell version, execution went OK, successful but when doing post-processing, the displacements are zero !
      I wonder if there are some variables to declare or options to use in order to extract results from a resultant element ?
      I went through the documentation Ls-Dyna User Manual 1, but only the integrated shell version was supplied and explained no resultant element.

      I wonder if it will be possible for Ls-Dyna developers to supply a basic example code using resultant shell version.

      One last information, I did not write a UMAT for the resultant element but I used directly my own program for the elastic material law using LMC variable and cm table to supply material data.

      Thanks for your help

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee

      Dear Hakim,

      Please follow the code path in subroutine usrshl in dyn21ushl.F for nipp.eq.0 - this path calls usrshl_h, which in turn calls ushl_e101 etc for computing the force and stiffness. Subroutines ushl_e101 and ushl_e104 have sample code.

      If there is still and issue, the best approach for debugging is to print out various quantities and see what may be going wrong.



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