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Short fiber plastic: No data was imported on the target mesh

    • kerkenberg
      Hello dear forum,
      I am currently simulating a load case in the static structural module of Ansys, where a component made of short fiber reinforced plastic is present. For this, I have previously created a flow simulation via Moldex, in order to subsequently output the mesh (.cdb) and the fiber orientation (.o2d). I have also already passed the mesh of my FEM analysis to Moldex, so that the fiber orientation is already mapped to my FEM mesh.
      However, if I now want to load the fiber orientation into Ansys Mechanical, I always get the error messages:
      "No data was imported on the target mesh." and "An error occurred while importing the data."
      The Imported Load Transfer Summary does not give any additional info.
      Does anyone here know what to do?
      Many thanks
    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee

      It is difficult to say what might have gone wrong in this process. Can you try reviewing/doing the tutorial at 

      It might give you an idea on what you may be missing

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