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Show name of a selected part

    • Tim Dietl

      Hello everyone,

      is it possible to see the name of a selected part in SpaceClaim?

      I would like to see it here on the bottom (like in the mechanical). I don't want to use it in the structure tree.


      Another question: Is it possible to search in the structure tree for a specific name?


      Thanks in advance!

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Not sure if that is possible.

      As for the second question, perhaps do CTRL+F and search all documents for the part name (worked for me if searching for the exact part name).

      All the best



      • Tim Dietl

        Hello Erik, CTRL + F works! Thanks a lot! So there is now way to see the name of a part when I don't want to use the structure tree?

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