Showing Dielectric – HFSS 3D Layout


    • zsaigh

      I just imported a ODB file into HFSS 3d Layout.

      I have the display set to default, and go into the "Layers Dialog" to edit the appearance of the stack up.

      I can toggle on and off, change the transparency, etc. of the copper signal layers of my PCB, but cannot see the dielectrics show up, regardless of turning them on, and setting the transparency to 0.

      Any thoughts on how to enable these so I can see the extents of the dielectric?


    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Thank you for reaching to us. We appreciate your patience on this issue.
      Please note that the substrate will not be visible in the schematic window.
      Kindly use the "layer stackup wizard" available in the "layers dialog" option to visualize the substrate.
      All the very best Praneeth.
    • zsaigh
      Thank you for the response, but this unfortunately doesn't help me.
      I have a ODB++ File, that I am getting from "Xpedition Layout", looks like the only way to get it into Ansys, is to use "3D Layout".
      My PCB is a bit unique, as we PCB Cavities, as illustrated here: htttps: // alcantapcb. com/ cavities-pcb.html
      The issue with 3D Layout, is I cannot see the dielectric, and thus, cannot differentiate if a layer is void of dielectric, or if the copper is just etched away (and dielectric still remains)

      Do I need to use HFSS instead of 3D Layout? If so, how do I go about getting a ODB++ into HFSS?

      Thanks again!

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