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Simplorer simulated voltage 5X larger than calculation

    • Lawrence Ho

      Hi all,

      This should be a very simple question, but as a layman of electronics I found myself stuck badly.

      I am trying to verfify the simulated voltage of the Tx (big coil at the bottom) with hand calculation.

      From Maxwell, the self-inductance of the Tx coil is 3.18e-4H.

      The source applied is Alternating Current 4A, with frequency 6.8MHz (6.8e6 Hz).

      Then simulation was completed with result below. 

      However according to the followng formulas: 

      1). I = Vrms/Z, where Z=r+Lf,

      Vrms should equal: 4*(3.18e-4 * 6.8e6) =  8649.6V, assuming zero internal resistance r.

      2). Vrms= Vpeak * 0.7071

      so Vpeak = 8649.6/0.7071 = 12232.4V !


      Can someone here rescue me please? 


    • DELI
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, what type of winding is used in Maxwell excitation. solid or stranded winding? For solid winding type, resistance will be considered.
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