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General Mechanical

Simply Support Beam Analysis Shear Force Sign Flip

    • yc2647

      Hi all, 

      I just watched a video (

      ) tutorial about how to do shear moment diagram for a simply support beam. I notice that at the end of the tutorial, the result of the last part of the shear force in the shear-moment diagram is flipped. I used hand calculation and derived the last part should be negative 800 and that should make sense where the Ansys results gave us positive 800. I know that the method use for hand calculation (mechanics of material) and Ansys (FEM) is different, but is there anything that I missed? 

      Thanks in advacne for any help!

    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi yc2647,

      The shear forces are output in the element coordinate systems. They need to be interpreted with respect to the the element systems.



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