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Simulate environmental vibration tests on Ansys

    • ahmed.desoki

      Dear folks.

      There are the following different vibration tests:

      1) Modal Test. The output of this test is the FRF = output (f) / input (f). The results are independant of the input.

      2) Sine-sweep test. This test enforces a base motion having a pre-determined amplitude vs. frequency curve and a sweep rate. The output is the response at selected points vs. frequency. The output varies with varying the sweep rate.

      3) Resonance Search (RS) test. This is similar to sine-sweep test, but the base motion amplitude is low level and constant vs. frequency. The output is similar to the Sine-sweep test, and do vary with the sweep rate.

      4) Random Vibration Test. The input excitation is applied in the form of Power Spectral Density (PSD), and so is the output, at any point of choice

      5) Shock test. The input excitation is specified in terms of the Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). The output should be the spectrum or time history at any specified point.


      Could you please teach me how to simulate these different tests on Ansys?


      Thanks and regards

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      1) Modal analysis in Workbench (WB) – see courses: Modal Analysis | Ansys Innovation Courses

      2) Harmonic Response (WB): Harmonic Response Analysis in Ansys Mechanical – ANSYS Innovation Courses

      3) Perhaps harmonic response see above

      4) Random Vibration (WB): Random Vibration Analysis | Ansys Courses

      5) Response spectrum (WB): Single-Point Response Spectrum Analysis Using Ansys Mechanical – ANSYS Innovation Courses

      All the best



    • ahmed.desoki

      Dear Erik

      Thanks for your reply.

      I'm sorry, my question was not clear enough.

      I want to know which Ansys analysis type can perform each of these tests?

      For example, I think that "Harmonic Response" analysis can simulate the "Sine sweep test", and "Random Vibration" analysis can simulate the "Random vibration test".

      Could you please confirm I'm right, and inform me the analyses types that can simulate the rest of the tests?


      Thanks and regards

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