simulate the process of rapid expansion and atomization of supercritical CO2

    • Soraya


      I want to simulate the mixing of two fluids (CO2 and water) inside the eductor. The high-pressure SC-CO2 (1250 psi, 35°C) passed through the designed Joule-Thomson nozzle to expand inside the eductor as -78°C and emerge as a cryogenic fluid and mix with water which suctioned to the eductor (Bernoulli's principle). 

      Firstly, I used Pressure-based solver and I got error and divergence plot. Then, I used Density-based solver and step by step increased the pressure to reach to desired one. I am using the real gas Peng Robinson for density of CO2. I'm getting convergence plot now; however, the temperature contour is kind of odd (it shows -104 degree C). It seems the joule-Thompson effect is not captured. How can I make sure that the phase change happening and J-T effect is activated? 

      In Density-based solver the option of multi-phase flow is OFF and only "wet steam" is ON. How can I define the second fluid (water) into the system?

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    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      I don't think you do with the density based solver - it's for single phase for the most part. Chances are it's also very transient.
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