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General Mechanical

Simulating a compliant mechanism

    • edoardo

      Hello everyone,

      My latest assignment consists in simulating the loading condition for a flexible pivot:

      while I successfully simulated the loading in tension, I'm struggling with the compression case, which is something like this:

      so i fixed the yellow sleeve, and applied a remote force on the green sleeve (both sleeves are rigid bodies)

      here i hide the green sleeve, to show the fixed support on the end of the flexible elements (which are bonded to the sleeves). I then applied a remote force on the yellow sleeve.

      When I try to solve, I get something like this:


      This is what I get after already trying to solve the bisection issue by increasing the initial substeps with a factor of 5 from 100 to 500, and after increasing the mesh refinement where the Newton-Raphson residual told me to. Now I'm out of ideas.

      Here is the model if anyone wants to take a look at it:

      Thanks in advance for the suggestions


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Ansys employees are not allowed to download anything from the student portal. What error do you get in the solver output file?


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    • edoardo

      hello Aniket,

      I found a way to solve my issues.

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