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Simulating an inviscid (Euler equation) flow in CFX

    • admin
      Ansys Employee

      Is it possible to simulate an inviscid (Euler equation) flow in CFX?

    • Arun Kumar

      By default, CFX solves for the Navier Stokes equations including viscous terms.The governing equations for inviscid flow, also known as Euler equations, are obtained by discarding the viscous terms from the Navier-Stokes equations. To do this: 1. Set a very low Dynamic Viscosity value, say, 1e-12 kg/m/s, 2. Activate the 'laminar' turbulence model option. 3. Set the 'Free Slip Wall' option at all walls.

    • chenpt09

      I tried this way(1,2 and 3) in CFX for an annular cascade flow, but it didn't give me the right streamline distributions on the endwall. So I used Fluent and got the right results.

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