Simulating Multiphase VOF Transient Resin Transfer Under Pressure

    • petersson

      Hello community,

      I want to simulate the flow of resin into an elementary cross section of a glass fibre composite. Therefor I created a 2D geometry of the area which can be flooded by the resin. The circular cross sections of glass fibre filaments are cut out of the surface. Please note the screenshot of the geometry underneath. 

      Cell Zone Conditions:

      • walls (north-east, north, north-west, south-east, south, south-west, inner circle)

      • interiour filled with air at first, then flooded with resin (should happen)

      Boundary Conditions:

      • pressure inlet, western edge (p = 1,000,000 Pa)

      • pressure outlet (/outlet vent?), eastern edge (p = 100,000 Pa)

      For now my simulation is set up like this:

       2d, double precision, pressure-based, VOF, laminar, transient


      Can you give me some advise how I can simulate this problem?

      My solution converges and I get a velocity magnitude. But there is no interface between the phases. 


    • Karthik R


      Where is your initial interface located? How did you initialize your domain?

      How much real time did you model?

      Thank you.


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