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Simulating the Evaporation of Droplets and the Humidity

    • V F

      Hello there,

      I'm pretty new with Ansys Fluent and I need help. I want to simulate water droplets that evaporate and then change the relative humidity of the air.

      I know how to evaporate droplets and how to set up relative humidity, but for using both you need the multiphase model, DPM and species transport, which results in an error regarding the droplets. They cannot be tracked or modified.

      I found an old guid that says it's possible as long as you enable the "Message Passing" option in the DPM options. I cannot enable it and I don't know why.

      The guide: https://www.afs.enea.it/project/neptunius/docs/fluent/html/ug/node717.htm

      So is it even possible? And if it is, how?Thank you so much guys. 

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      OK, first off don't look at the AFS copy of the documentation. It's ancient, so you'll miss out on rather a lot of years of development. You need DPM & species (as you've said). So, set up the usual air+vapour mixture and add water droplets via DPM. Couple the DPM with the continuous phase and then revisit the DPM materials panel. That's about all there is to it: if you check the combustion tutorials you'll see much the same process but you aren't trying to burn water. 

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