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    • david.cunha

      I am simulating an interferometer using varFDTD. I set the source bandwith from 1.2um to 1.6um, since I want to simulate the device for a large optical bandwidth. Then, I set the simulation bandwidth in varFDTD>effective index to broadband. However, when it is set to broadband, the simulation either diverges or the results are nothing from what I exepected according to theory.
      It should be noted that the simulation works well when simulation bandwidth parameter is set to narrowband.But given the large source bandwidth, shouldn't the simulation bandwidth be set to broadband? Any thoughts on why this might be occuring?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      You are right to use braodband in order to get better accuracy.

      For diverging issue, please try to modify the effective index fitting, the same as the material fitting; increase the distance between the structure and the PML, increase the simulation area; using more PML layers to counterpart it.

      Diverging is common.

      If it is waveguide cavity, you may also try EME. In particular if it is a input/cavity/ouput waveguide, EME is simpler.

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