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Simulation doesn’t work

    • SgBo

      Hallo to everyone,

      I'm trying to solve a very simple simulation but something doesn't work: " an error occured inside the SOLVER module: general error". I've tried all the modification I've found in the web but I don't understand what happens. Can someone help me please?

      thank you very much

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please find the error messages in the solver file and put them inline in your next post as we (ansys employees) are not allowed to download any attachments.
      Also any other information related to your model that might be useful and so we can try and help you.
      Thank you

    • SgBo
      This is what I've found in the solver file:

      /config,noeldb,1! force off writing results to database
      ! ANSYS input file written by Workbench version 2022 R1
      ! File used for geometry attach: C:\Users\silvia.greco8\Dropbox\Il mio PC (DICAMGRECOSW1)\Desktop\prova_files\dp0\SYS-5\DM\SYS-5.agdb
      /title,prova--Static Structural (E5)
      ! ****** Begin Custom Load Command Snippet ******
      /COM, ACT Extensions:
      /COM,LSDYNA, 2021.1
      /COM,5f463412-bd3e-484b-87e7-cbc0a665e474, wbex
      /COM ! ****** EndCustom Load Command Snippet ******
      _wb_ProjectScratch_dir(1) = 'C:\Users\silvia.greco8\Dropbox\Il mio PC (DICAMGRECOSW1)\Desktop\_ProjectScratch\ScrB0CE\'
      _wb_SolverFiles_dir(1) = 'C:\Users\silvia.greco8\Dropbox\Il mio PC (DICAMGRECOSW1)\Desktop\prova_files\dp0\SYS-5\MECH\'
      _wb_userfiles_dir(1) = 'C:\Users\silvia.greco8\Dropbox\Il mio PC (DICAMGRECOSW1)\Desktop\prova_files\user_files\'
      /com,--- Data in consistent NMM units. See Solving Units in the help system for more information.
      /wb,file,start!signify a WB generated input file
      ! Turn off shape checking because checks already performed inside WB mesher.
      ! See help system for more information.
      etcon,set! allow ANSYS to choose best KEYOP's for 180x elements, resets any applicable keyopt to MAPDL defaults
      /com,*********** Nodes for the whole assembly ***********

    • SgBo

      /wb,elem,start!set before creation of elements
      /com,*********** Elements for Body 1 "Part 1" ***********


      !Material Id = {25B12604-5AE2-4C39-B4F3-69CD0CFD85CB}
      /com,*********** Elements for Body 2 "Part 2" ***********


      !Material Id = {D328C53F-FCC1-442A-9FA7-FE1F35BE422C}
      /com,*********** Elements for Body 3 "Part 4" ***********

      !Material Id = {CAE5D2FF-C33C-4BFE-B66F-08BE02BCED07}
      /wb,elem,end!done creating elements
      /com,*********** Send User Defined Coordinate System(s) ***********
      toffst,273.15,! Temperature offset from absolute zero
      /com,*********** Set Reference Temperature ***********
      /wb,mat,start!starting to send materials
      /com,*********** Send Materials ***********
      MP,EX,1,1800, ! tonne s^-2 mm^-1
      MP,NUXY,1,0.3 MP,UVID,1,26b251b6-4f80-4be3-9c9d-64b5ff7ea74b

      MP,EX,2,18000, ! tonne s^-2 mm^-1
      MP,NUXY,2,0.3 MP,UVID,2,a43a0533-6fac-44b8-b2b4-39769678d08b

      MP,EX,3,18000, ! tonne s^-2 mm^-1
      MP,NUXY,3,0.3 MP,UVID,3,a43a0533-6fac-44b8-b2b4-39769678d08b

      /wb,mat,end!done sending materials
      /com,*********** Send Sheet Properties ***********
      !************************* Model Summary ********************
      !Part 1, matrix, matid, 1
      !Part 2, fibre, matid, 2
      !Part 4, fibre, matid, 3
      !************************* End Model Summary ********************
      ! get the diagonal of the bounding box. Needed later for other things
      /wb,contact,start!starting to send contact
      /com,*********** Create Contact "Contact Region" ***********
      /com,Real Constant Set For Above Contact Is 5 & 4
      nldiag,cont,iter! print out contact info each equilibrium iteration

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