Simulation for sensor “Magnetoresistive sensors”

    • mohammedlaminemekhalfia

      Dear ANSYS community.

      Hope that this will find you all well.

      As I am a Ph.D. student, I would like to perform as part of a new innovative idea to simulate a Magnetoresistive sensor. I am a beginner with ANSYS maxwell as through web search I guess it is the tool for sensor's simulation.

      I tried to look for some useful users guides or videos about similar examples but I could not find anything.

      so if there is among you who performed this type of simulation I would highly appreciate your help and guidance.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Mohammedlamine The setup and analysis would be the same as the other examples you find in Maxwell to study the Electromagnetic effects.
      You can take a look at the below getting started guide to get an understanding.
      You can also look at the inbuilt Hallsensor example in maxwell under File>open examples>Maaxwell>Sensors

      Regards Navya

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