Simulation of 3D open channels using VOF model and isosurface

    • Raef.Kobeissi

      In this CFD ANSYS tutorial, I demonstrate how to use the VOF model in a 3D open channel case to simulate the flow of water from 1 tank to another channel. I also show how to use the isosurface rendering in CFDPOST to animate the flow of water from the tank to the channel. VOF model or volume of fluid is used in simulation for various engineering functions.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Very nice tutorial but I am not really convinced by choosing iso-surface at vof = 0.3 as the free surface of water even with coarse meshes. A step function or iso-volume above a certain limit would make the job. 

    • mengineerm

      hello, i am very interested in your tutorial but sadly i am not able to watch it, because the video is private. Is there any possibility for me to watch th Video ?

      Thank you a lot, Moritz

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