Simulation of a single pillar of a peltier cooler

    • Binish1

      Hi I am trying to simulate a single pillar of a peltier cooler to see how the temperature varies from the cold side to the hot side. From my simulations I realised the cold side changes by a reasonable margin when the current changes, but the hot side changes very little. It is supposed to be hotter but the increase is very little. Do let me know what is wrong with the simulation. Below is the picture of the model. There is an airbox within the model as well. Below is the screenshot of the model. The google drive link to access the file for this simulation is this :

      After opening the file, do go to Thermal electric analysis "L" to access the simulation.

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee
      I only saw a .wbpj file in your link. Your project cannot be restored using this file alone. You might try archiving the project (create a .wbpz file). The project can be restored from a .wbpz file.
      I don't know the details of your thermal boundary conditions. They likely play a big role in allowing one end to cool while not allowing the hot end to get much hotter.
      To give you further perspective on what results to expect, I recast a MAPDL example in the doc in Mechanical, modeling only one of the two pillars:

      In this example, the temperature of one end is fixed, which is what I did in my version in Mechanical. Using the parameter manager I could setup a range of values of current magnitude and resulting average temperature of the cool end of the simple device. I think we expect a minimum temperature as shown below at a value of current where performance is optimal. A further increase in applied current causes the corresponding increase in Joule heating to negate the cooling due to the Seebeck effect.

      Best regards Bill

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