Simulation of Airbag Drop Test

    • sralczyc

         I am attempting to run a simulation of an Airbag Drop Test for intended use in aerial payload delivery.  Key features that are to be analyzed are internal pressure within the airbag, the stress and strain within the Airbag fabric material, the force acting on the payload on impact, and the motion of the payload itself.  During impact such airbags experience a high rate of large deformations.

          I am currently working with dynamic meshes and transient simulations in Fluent by defining the bag and payload as rigid bodies.  The airbag is being modeled as a piston/cylinder assembly with the payload resting on top of it.  My issue with this simulation is that is doesn't take into account the deformations, and stresses located within the airbag fabric material. 

         What Ansys systems will be useful in such an analysis and how should they be coupled in Workbench to create an analysis which incorporates both the fluid interactions and the solid mechanics of the airbag material? 

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