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General Mechanical


    • saurabhiitk

      Dear all

      1) i want to simulate lateral compression of the specimen posted below. for that i am going to use two rigid surface as shown in the figure.

      2) i want to apply a certain amount of displacement on the top surface and fixed support on bottom surface. 

      3) the problem is both the surfaces are not getting selected in mechanical for application of load or support.  as shown in the figure below.

      4) please suggest any solution.

      5) also any suggestions to carry out this simulation in any other way is welcome.

      please reply friends.

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      Since the two surfaces are rigid, they can be controlled only using Remote Points. To fix the lower surface, insert Remote Displacement, select the lower surface and set all displacement components to 0. Use Remote Force boundary condition for the top rigid surface.


      Hope this helps,


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