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Simulation of Constant Volume Combustion – CHEMKIN PRO | Student

    • Austin Metcalf

      I'm trying to simulate the flame propogation inside a constant volume chamber using Chemkin.

      My first idea was to use a Closed Homogeneous Batch Reactor - but it seems like there is no way to initiate a reaction from a point.

      Is this type of simulation possible with ANSYS Chemkin-Pro?

      EDIT: It seems like I am able to initiate a combustion in a 0-D Homogeneous Batch Reactor by changing the initial temperature of the Fuel + Oxidizer mixture in the tank. This helps but does not properly produce the effect of initiating the combustion from a kernel.

    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Austin:

      Closed Homgeneous batch reactors are intended for homegeneous processes, so there is no spatial component.  To add a spatial component to the combustion, a different Chemkin model is required

      2.3.5. Burner-stabilized Flame

      Flame propagation in Chemkin can be done using the Flame Speed Library Reactor model. 

      2.3.9. Parameter Study: Propane/Air Flame Speed as a Function of Equivalence Ratio and Unburned Gas Temperature


      This allows you to plot species change across the flamefront:

      Both are diffusion flames.  Flame propagation is fundementally a 3D process, and should be modelled with rull CFD.  Chemkin can be used to generate the required flame library information to make the CFD calculations accurate, however.

      Best Regards,



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