Simulation of high-order DFB laser in Interconnect

    • ssaei014

      Hi, I'm designing a DFB laser using TWLM model in Interconnect. For the first-order grating, I set the period equal to ~200 nm and get very good results:

      I want to see the result of a third-order grating, meaning the pitch is now ~600 nm. I'm expecting to see a single-mode behaviour just like above, with maybe smaller SMSR. But the result is as below:

      It doesn't see the grating and acts as a FP laser. How can I make sure high-order DFB is defined properly in Interconnect?

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee

      Hi ssaei014,


      At a glance, I think the approach you are using is correct. This looks to me to be a gain or grating transmission problem. Could you please contact support through email and share the file there? We can follow up the discussion there. Thank you.

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