Simulation of injection of fluid.

    • Azammarodz

      I have no idea about boundary conditions and where to set it up on ansys fluent 2020 R1. Do you have any suggestion where should I start.

      I tried to watch tutorials online but I dont know how to simulate my problem. I need to simulate injection of droplet and then I need to capture the droplet impact on a surface. The study is to know the size of injection droplet and to see the droplet formation after impacting a surface. What is a good idea for me to start? what of knowledge I need to learn especially how to figure out the boundry conditions. Thankyou.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      You should start from the Online Help as well as from Tutorials.

      To inject some droplets you can make use of DPM and use surface injection to inject particles.

    • zaryabazeem

      If we are injecting solid how can we track them in post fluent...?


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