Simulation of medium frequency power transformer

    • Sherin Joseph

      I build a 600Hz medium frequency transformer in Ansys Maxwell (transient simumation). I woul like to give input from a PWM inverter. So I interconnect transformer with PWM inverter developed in Ansys simplorer. 

      Since the out put frequency is 600Hz, I have chosen a switching frequency of 24,000Hz (40 times of fundamental frequncy).

      I have chosen 2ms as the total stop time and 5micro sec as the step size, when I run the same, I got an error 

      "Warning 10907 - A complete convergence within the maximum number of iterations allowed of <40> could not be achieved for all time steps. Convergence failed on conserved terminal .  Node: net_2<%>  >> Calculate at t=3e-05 s "

      What is the correct stop time and step size for my simulation for overcoming this warning and for getting correct switching.



    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee

      This is a warning about convergence, please refer Simplorer manual for help. Keywords are "TR(Transient) Options", there are serval methods to resolve convergence issue.

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