Simulation of open cell conductivity sensor

    • Nejc Klanjšček

      Hello everyone,

      As a student new to Ansys, my current project involves simulating an open cell conductivity sensor for measuring seawater. I have successfully designed a 3D model and imported it into Ansys, but have encountered difficulties in simulating the sensor's behavior. The sensor operates based on a simple principle: a constant current source is connected to the outer electrodes, while the voltage drop on the inner electrodes is measured due to the electric field generated. The seawater acts as a conductor/resistor and creates a current path that is proportional to the conductivity of the salt water. Please refer to the accompanying image for a visual representation of the sensor.

      During my Ansys simulation, I designated the outer nets as signals with sink and source, as shown in the accompanying image, and defined the inner nets as floating. However, when running the simulation, I encountered an error indicating that the design did not converge. Although I attempted to increase the number of passes, the simulation remained unchanged. Can you offer any advice on how to modify my approach and achieve a successful simulation outcome?

      Thanks for all of your help,


    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for reaching out to us and your patience is well appreciated.

      Please go through the following observations / comments on your post:

      1. Did you change the convergence criterion from the default one? If so, please check with default convergence values and also share the screenshot for your model convergence.
      2. Validate your simulation setup for the correctness? 
      3. Please go through examples and getting started guides on Q3D if you are a beginner.

      Kindly share screenshots of the analysis setups to help us serve you better.

      Best regards,

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