Simulation of open/close valves of Intake Manifold

    • nagasudhan


      Am into a project, where I am trying to simulate the valve opening and closing of intake manifold of an engine with the mass flow data generated at the outlet integrating it with crank angle(Based upon which valve action happens).

      Is that possible by moving grid/mesh(dynamic)to simulate open/close of valves. If there are anty other possibilities please help me.

      Thank you !

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      yes, you can do it using dynamic mesh tool in fluent. 

      you may fine similar post on this community. 

      one example on dynamics mesh is 

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      Fluid dynamics category. 




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    • nagasudhan

      Thanks Keyur, 

      The video was helpful.

      But, how this can be applied incase of closing and opening of a 3D pipe at the end(solid pipe). 

      Since, I am new to dynamic mesh, I don't have any idea, Looking forward for your guidance.

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