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General Mechanical

Simulation of O`ring compression 2D


    • boonthiam13

      I am simulation 2D Oring compression, is the force reaction calculated in per unit length? See my model settings as below

      Material properties of Oring:

      Force Reaction Probe:

      This is a 2D simulation, are the (probed) force values calculated in per unit length? They are much lower than expected.



    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @boonthiam13,
      As this is a nonlinear analysis, there is the presence of substeps. Which divides the analysis into smaller timesteps depending on the number of substeps.
      The generated reaction force seen through the table shows the force reaction for the respective timestep as mentioned in the table.
      The increasing slope of the force-time graph justifies the behavior of the set analysis.
      For more information, the following references might be helpful-
      1. Structural Probes (
      2. Analysis of an O-ring Seal — Lesson 3 - ANSYS Innovation Courses


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