Simulation of phase transformation inside a moving object

    • Vakhtang

      It is necessary to determine the period of time over which the water temperature (the initial state is ice) change from minus 30 degrees Celsius to plus 36 degrees Celsius. Water (the original state is ice) is in an airtight polymeric shell (it has the form of a pillow). Together with the shell, the ice makes reciprocating movements in the process chamber. The chamber is completely filled with constantly heated water, the temperature of which is 36 degrees. As a result of the movements, the water is mixed under the shell, and outside. It is important to model close to natural mixing. 

      Below I attach a link to the search for a solution to a close problem and an example of modeling, but in statics.


      So far, I have not found examples of modeling phase transformation inside a moving object, the movement of which directly affects the speed of phase transformation


      I want to understand whether it is possible to moderate my task (in dynamics) in ANSYS? If so, can you find information on examples of such modeling?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you're moving a frozen (sealed) container (bag) full of ice in a warm fluid bath then the example you've shown covers the basics. However, the melting/solidification model doesn't allow the frozen part to move due to the way the model works: please read the documentation explaining the model. 

      In theory you can model the bag with an initially thin layer of liquid. Using moving mesh and UDFs you'll be able to model what you want, but it's not simple, and I can't go into any details on here because of the rules imposed on staff. 

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