Simulation of Rectangular Helix Coil

    • MSaad

      Hello. I would like to create a model for a rectangular-shape helix coil (not rectangular cross-section) like the photo attached. I have tried to use the user defined Segmented polygon helix and make SegemnetsPerTurn = 4, however this only convert the circular-shape helix to a square. In my design, a square helix coil is possible because the desired dimensions are 400mm X 150mm which cannot be approximated to a square!

      I need the coil to estimate the expected self-inductance as well as the coupling coefficient between this coil and another planar spiral coil using the magnetostatic solver.


    • icellb1
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,MSaad,nThe user defined Segmented polygon helix cannot create rectangular cross sections. I would suggest you to draw separate turns (multiple separated rectangular turns stacking up) rather than a connected helix because the geometry is more symmetrical and takes much shorter time to simulate. The simulated results would not have much difference from a connected helix. You just need to draw one turn and use duplicate along the line to simply create multiple turns in one step. n
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