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Simulation of sphere

    • Akankhya Patro

      Good afternoon everyone I am doing simulation of submarine in ANSYS Fluent and for validation purpose i am doing simulation of sphere by applying same boundary condition as that of my original model.And boundary conditions are :

      a)underwater depth =10m

      b)desired Y+=50


      d)velocity =10 m/s

      e) sphere dia =0.1 m

      So anyone can please suggest me why Y+ value is given and what meshing should be applied for applying y+ value

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      y+ value should be the same (or at least similar) for both cases to ensure that you have comparable mesh resolution near the walls. 

      Based on the parameters that you listed, you will be able to determine the height of the first cell near the wall for a mesh that will give you y+ ~ 50.

      We have a course on Turbulence Modelling, where this is described in detail How to Model Near-Wall Turbulence in Ansys Fluent | Ansys Courses

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