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Simulation progress is reaching to 100%


    • sagar

      I am doing a height sweep for my structure. Between the sweep (related to some height), the simulation status reaches 100%, which means the auto shutoff level is 1, leading to a reflection/transmission value of more than 1. But this thing should be consistence with height sweep. I can understand if this happens for the higher height because of the larger simulation area. But this is happening in between the simulation for some height. I do not understand the reason. 


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      This is normal as everytime the height changes it will be a different device and thus its resonance is different. In such case, I would suggest you to set the simulation time much longer and make sure every simulation reaches preset autoshutoff min. Care should be taken as one autoshutoff min may not fit all, since some may have much stronger resonance than others. If you want to improve the simulation eifficiency you can set the autoshutoff min for each sweep in "model" or analysis group. This of course will be trial and error to find the acutal required value. You may use a smaller autoshutoff min for all with sacrifice of simulation efficiency since not every file needs such smaller autoshutoff min.

      In summary, you can simply use much longer simulation time. In case there are a few heights that show problemtic results, such as R or T larger than 1, you can resimulate them individually and reload the whole sweep results. this might be an easy way.

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