Simulation sorption with UDF file

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      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to simulate sorption with ANSYS Fluent. There for I have an L-Solid with an inlet, outlet and a wall.

      In the L-Solid a small stream of N2 goes from inlet to outlet, from this stream I want an adsorption on the wall.

      There for I worte following UDF file:

      #include "udf.h"

          real vol_N2;
          Thread *t, *t0;
          face_t f;            /*Face thread*/
          cell_t c;            /*Cell thread*/
          domain = Get_Domain(1);
          t = Lookup_Thread(domain,8);    /* Surface thread ID from Wall */
              c = F_C0(f,t);
              t0 = THREAD_T0(t);

      It works that there is less N2 at the outlet than at the inlet but no N2 is accumulated at the wall, instead the other walls of the component have an N2 uptake.

      I have checked the net, components name and ID without success.

      Does someone maybe know were the problem is?

      Thank you very much.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      At the wall we can now in this actual release provide a Flux for specie for removal or addition. The current BC at the wall is just zero flux.

      A removal won't lead to accumulation: I think you require a sort of deposition. Check Wall Surface Reactionin the Guides.

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