single phase bioreactor simulation

    • anamena

      Hello there!

       We are having issues with a lab scale bioreactor simulation. When we go to run the simulation in fluent, no matter the kind of mesh that has been applied to the bioreactor, no interfacing options appear. We are wondering whether this means that they are two solids, if something is labeled incorrectly, or etc. Any input you can give us would be invaluable, thank you!

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      I assume you are talking about not getting interface option in Fluent even though you have different solids. 

      You may have single multibody part. Pleas use different parts for different solids. This will avoid sharetopology and will give you interfaces in Fluent. 

      Please have a look at following video which explains about sharetopology. 

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