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single phase concentrated winding induction motor(with 2 poles)

    • autdams

      in my calculation ( by using RMxprt for single phase induction motor) I can calculate the wave of velocity and torque, and I start torque is 0.61Nm during the rated speed is 2826rpm with rated torque of 1.9Nm, But the problem is when I convert it into Maxwell, to calculate the transient result, the result looks different, the motor couldn't start at all, the speed just reach 700rpm and then stay stable. (note in Model=>motion setup=>


      this is the result from Rmxprt

      and this is the result in Maxwell when click consider mechanical transient

      the average torque is just zero for all time

      and speed wave form 

      seems like the Rmxprt doesn't calculate in the right way, please who can explain me and just please show me the way out, 

      is it because of Rmxprt doesn't calculate the harmonics ?

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      I would recommend to ask this question in Physics Simulation ->  Electromagnetics   section so that you could get more responses.



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